Countrywide Residences bring a new collaborative approach to delivering quality apartment living.

What sets our projects apart is how we work with our project partners. We assemble a team of best-in-class specialists, people we’ve worked with for many years, and who are involved throughout the entire project delivery process.

  • Clearwater Construction logo

    Clearwater Construction

    Established in 1984 Clearwater has a well-earned reputation for technical expertise, particularly in structural engineering. Their experience extends well beyond apartment buildings and multi-storey commercial buildings; their roots in civil infrastructure have given them the knowledge and understanding to produce structurally sound buildings that will last.
  • MAP Architects logo

    MAP Architects

    Formed in 2001, this Christchurch-based practice has an impressive breadth of experience across both the commercial and private residential sectors. Through their many residential commissions they have a strong idea of what ‘home’ means to New Zealanders, and this informs every aspect of their design approach.
  • Cooper & Associates logo

    Cooper & Associates

    This development management company has been involved in a diverse range of builds, from boutique projects through to major developments with a value in excess of $200 million. Cooper & Associates is led by Martin Cooper, who has a strong engineering background. The company’s strength in project governance, financial control and ensuring on-time delivery brings financial benefits as well as reassurance to purchasers.
  • Boffa Miskell logo

    Boffa Miskell

    Boffa Miskell work in the areas of planning, urban design, landscape architecture, landscape planning, ecology, biosecurity, cultural heritage, graphics and mapping. They create important frameworks which enable us to develop successfully, from the perspective not only of purchasers but also the communities we enhance.
  • Duthie Whyte logo

    Duthie Whyte

    We work with lawyers Duthie Whyte, drawing on their extensive experience in all facets of property transactions and finance including multi-storied apartment blocks with their specialist requirements. They also assist in the planning and financing of our developments, and play a significant role in helping guide our projects through the consenting process.
  • One to One Hundred logo

    One to One Hundred

    One to One Hundred provides a complete range of architectural visualisation services for concept, resource consent, and marketing - but their passion has always been creating beautiful computer-generated images and animations. Their portfolio shows a manic attention to detail, a keen sense for interior design and a strong artistic flair. Quality is everything - and what makes them our first choice.
  • Work Communications logo

    Work Communications

    Work Communications is a fully integrated advertising agency based in Auckland and Tauranga. The experienced team includes strategists, creatives, media, digital specialists and production people. Work has been instrumental in launching a large number of property projects around New Zealand.
  • DHC Consulting logo

    DHC Consulting

    DHC Consulting is an international design consultancy specialising in structural and civil engineering. Led by chartered design professionals, DHC provides broad engineering services for the design of new buildings and evaluation and rehabilitation of existing structures. Their expert team is actively involved from initial development through to completion.
  • D & H Steel Construction logo

    D & H Steel Construction

    D&H Steel Construction Ltd is one of New Zealand's largest structural steel fabricators. The 100-strong team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing, fabricating and erecting structural steel for large scale residential developments. We have excellent continuity of relationships with D&H, thanks to their ability to complete complex challenging projects without outsourcing.

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