16 October 2021   /   News

Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 4

Outlook Mission Bay Project Update 4

Following the Christmas break, the Hauraki Piling team continued to work their way around the site perimeter and are just finishing off the last of the piles that will retain the walls of the basement when it is dug out.


In the meantime, Piletech arrived with all their machinery and have proceeded to start installing the deep screw piles which will support the overall structure of the Development once it starts rising out of the ground.

Once the screw piles have all been installed, Scarboro will arrive back on site to begin bulk earthworks which means digging out the large basement which will house the car parking and storage lockers.


Because construction is advancing so rapidly, the Display Suite will have to be removed for good on March 5, make sure you head down before it departs!

For a video showing progress on site please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7y9kLIxP_w

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